7 Efficient Ways to Transform Your Body for Summer ...


7 Efficient Ways to Transform Your Body for Summer ...
7 Efficient Ways to Transform Your Body for Summer ...

With summer vacation nearing, you may be on the verge of desperation in finding ways to transform your body. How in the world can you lose weight and tone with just several weeks left before summer? You may question if this is even possible. And I am here, as your certified trainer, to tell you that you can make this happen! There are many ways you can make a body transformation in this time if you follow my tips. You must follow my healthy tips to see your desired results, and I will share with you the ways to transform your body because I know you can do it!

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An Apple a Day

Eat an apple a day because apples have pectin in them, which is a natural fat burner and metabolic booster. I eat an apple first thing every morning and it helps get me going. I eat a small breakfast 2 hours later. This is one of my ways to transform your body, have fiber and feel great! Just think, you will be sporting your bikini glad you ate that apple each day!


Exercise Early

I know early morning workouts do not work for everyone because of differing schedules, but I find that the earlier I exercise, the harder I push myself. I also find that, as a trainer, the people that attend the most fitness sessions are usually my morning exercisers. This is due to a number of reasons such as conflicting schedules, less energy at night and it is easier for things to come up later. How often will you have to miss a 6am workout session for a schedule conflict? So exercise early if you can make it work! For added motivation post a picture of your goal bathing suit in a visible area. How about on your bathroom mirror?


Commit Yourself

Commit yourself to whatever your goal is. Make healthy changes through both fitness and healthier food. In order to achieve optimum results you have to be ready to commit yourself. Know that if you are committed, you will not be disappointed with results. Commitment equates to success!


Mini Meals Make a Difference

I observe my 6 year old daughter graze on snacks throughout the day. When it comes to dinner time, she always eats her veggies, protein and never wants the starch. I watch her and smile because she eats like we all should be eating without her ever knowing it. She is unintentionally eating the same way I try to mold all my clients to eat. If you were to eat smaller meals throughout the day, you will be less hungry and actually boost your metabolic rate. I lost 20 pounds by following this practice and now it has become part of my lifestyle! So enjoy smaller meals throughout the day!


Make Veggies the Star of Every Meal

Have you felt like you have forced yourself to eat vegetables your entire life because they are healthy? Remove this view from your mindset and make veggies the star of every meal. A little bit of olive oil or minced onions across veggies will help spruce them up. By eating your 5 veggies a day, you will boost your metabolism, better your health and have more energy. So enjoy some veggies today so you can slim down for summer!


Think Positive

Remove all the “I can’t” thoughts from your mind and replace this with “I can,” because a positive attitude will help you to achieve positive results. Studies show that people that believe will achieve. So believe in yourself because you are worth it!


Dedicate Yourself with a Schedule

Write out a schedule for your meal plan and fitness schedule. Five days a week of fitness and daily healthy eating will get you the phenomenal results you deserve! Dedicate yourself to a nonnegotiable plan so you can transform your body for summer!

Now that you are aware of all my transformation tips, are you ready to make a change? Summer is right around the corner so get moving. You deserve to achieve great results!

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Number 4 makes good sense

Number 6 my variation saying Positive thinking is the key to life !

Ah I eat apples every day. Now I know why I can't get fat!!

Need to stay motivated. And need to buy apples :)

Write a comment ...So true about eating 6 small meals a day. I lost 90 lbs eating this way( plus breastfeeding for a year helped).

Thanks really helped

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