8 Tips on How to Lose Weight Running ...


You can lose weight running instead of spending time at the gym or money on lots of exercise equipment! When you lose weight by running, it's a great way to exercise and burn calories, but it can also boost your mood and relieve stress. Getting your jog on can also improve your cardiovascular health and reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. Get your running shoes ready and follow these tips for losing weight by running!

1. Eat Right

In order to lose weight running, you must eat right. You have to properly fuel your body in order for it to run efficiently and burn calories. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, starchy carbohydrates and protein. Keep in mind that in order to lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you take in so although eating is important, be sure to keep track of how much you are eating and how many calories you’re taking in at each meal.

Get Proper Shoes
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