The Key to Losing Weight: How to Stop Eating when You're Full ...


When youโ€™re trying to lose weight you need a whole arsenal of weapons, tricks, and tips. Losing weight is hard, so why shouldnโ€™t you get all the help you need? You might have heard that your stomach tells your brain when it is full. Problem is, that itโ€™s not a switch that is flicked on that you can react instantaneously to. This means you can carry on eating despite the fact that stomach and brain know youโ€™ve had enough. So how do you get there? How do you stop eating when youโ€™re full?

1. Half Your Portion Sizes

Through our upbringing and culture, the majority of us have been conditioned from an early age to clear our plates of all food so as not to waste anything. Experts feel that over time we have learned to choose our portions by the size of the plate rather than the size of our hunger. Next time you have dinner try halving the portion that you think you might need. You will be surprised that you will probably end up feeling just as full.

Put down Your Fork Whilst Chewing
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