Take These 11 Shortcuts 🆘and Lose a Stone ⚖️ ...


Who wouldn’t want to know some shortcuts to losing weight? If you have been plugging away at the weight loss game for a long time, then you will probably already have lost a ton of weight, and if so, congratulations, that’s amazing! There is a common trend, however, with people who losing weight, that when they reach about a stone away from their goal weight, things start to stall a little. Whether it is because your body has become used to the workouts, or your metabolism has levelled out with your current diet, it can sometimes be really tricky to shed those final few pounds. Here are** shortcuts to losing weight** that will help you shift that final stubborn stone.

1. Pint of Water

Drink a pint of water before each meal, and this will help you to feel full after only eating a much smaller portion of your food than normal.

Eat Slower
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