Surprising 😱 Things That Affect 😩 Your Weight βš–οΈ You Never 🚫 Knew πŸ’­ before ...


If you're considering going on a diet to lose a few pounds, it's helpful to know things that affect your weight because they're not all as obvious as you might think. When it comes to weight loss, we all know about the dynamic duo of diet and exercise. It’s no lie when people say that those two are really the only things that you should be doing when trying to shift those extra pounds, but the matter of body weight can sometimes be more complicated than you might imagine. You might not know it, but there are plenty of other things besides the food that you put into your body that can have an impact on your weight. Let’s take a further look, shall we? Here are some surprising things that can affect your weight, sometimes on a day to day basis!

1. Gut Microbes

Thanks to gut microbes, two identical adult twins can have different weights by more than five or six stone! They live deep in your gut, and the more you have, the thinner you a likely to be because they all like to dine on and absorb food that you eat. The fewer microbes you host in your gut, the more calories you are likely to absorb with each and every meal.

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