6 Step Plan to Start Losing Weight Today ...


6 Step Plan to Start Losing Weight Today ...
6 Step Plan to Start Losing Weight Today ...

If you are reading this, then it means you have started to think about the process of going on a weight loss journey. Firstly, let me say congratulations; deciding to commit to the project is half the battle! Of course, we’re only human, and we want to make the mission as simple and straightforward as possible. There are so many different trends and fads on the internet that it can be hard to decide whose advice to follow, but trust me when I say that you are in the right hands here! Here is a six-step plan to start losing weight today!

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Don’t Eliminate Straight Away

Instead of jumping into the eliminating entire food groups game, instead just start by adding lots more low-calorie vegetables to your diet including leafy greens, celery, and cucumbers. You don’t want to do anything too faddy that can make your diet unbalanced.


Lean Protein

Start incorporating portions of lean protein into every meal that you eat. Obviously meat is the easiest option, but you also can great protein boosts from things like eggs and tofu as well, so it’s not all about being a meat eater.


One Snack a Day

Instead of cutting out all snacks cold turkey style, get into the habit of only having one per day, and then work on making this snack something healthy like a dose of fresh fruit or a hit of nutritious protein rather than sugars and fats.


Switch Liquid Calories

Where in your previous diet you were using sauces and dressings and drinking calorific beverages, swap each one out with a low or zero calorie alternative whenever it is possible. This way you won’t miss the tastes and start craving.


Build up Exercise

You don’t need to go from one to one hundred when it comes to working out. It is much more beneficial to start off slow and then increase your workload as your fitness and stamina grows. It won’t help anyone if you throw yourself in and then get injured and inactive.


Weight Lifting

The prospect of weightlifting might sound scary to a complete beginner, but you’re not trying to be Hulk Hogan. Weight training as a great way to boost metabolism and get your body to shape up as you switch to a better diet and routine.

Good luck and do come back and tell us how you got on.

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