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As a teen who fluctuated and always stressed, now as a healthy mom of three and certified trainer, I have learned some stay slim strategies that can help you. Let’s face it, it is no fun to be on a diet. Often when we diet, we discover that we only obsess more about food, so maybe it is time to take a different approach. I live my life in moderation and make active choices each day so the scale does not tip from the occasional splurge. With my stay slim strategies to life you can live a healthy and happy life too. Here is how:

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Life Includes Cake

After you enjoy your meal out and the dessert menu comes you quickly close it, pay the check and leave, but all night the vision of the molten lava cake dances in your mind. Life includes cake and it is okay to have the occasional treat, especially if you are in a group and you can share. Just make sure this is occasional, like once a week, not once a day. This is one of the easiest stay slim strategies to life.


Walk Already

As you drive around the parking lot in search of the closest parking spot, you feel a little guilty but you are too tired to walk, right? No way, get out and get some extra activity by parking farther away. This simple choice can burn an extra 100 calories a day, so park farther away.


Always Find Time for Fitness

No matter how crazy busy your day is, you can always squeeze in a quick workout, even if it is running after you put your kids on the bus or running to the post office to mail some letters. Every day we make choices in how we choose to spend our time, so make your health a priority. This is one of the easiest stay slim strategies to a happier and healthier life.


Make Fitness Fun

One of the best stay slim strategies is taking a healthier approach to life. If you're not sure how you and your significant other are going to spend a Saturday afternoon, why not head out for a game of tennis? If you make fitness fun, you will embody a healthier and happier lifestyle.


Portion Control is Key

If you begin to eat using portion control, you will find you can eat pretty much anything and live a less stressful life without feeling deprived. So have a cookie but not a batch, enjoy the occasion piece of cheese rather than a block and live a happy, healthy life.


One Meal Never Killed Anyone

The dinner out is not what will make or break your cycle of healthy eating as long as the splurging stops at that one meal. The problem is most dieters go into a downward spiral from there, so get back on track after that one meal out and do not beat yourself up.


Enjoy Each Day & Be Happy

Enjoy each day and just be happy. Make the most out of the rainy days because without rain, you could not appreciate the sun. And smile on the sunny days with not a cloud in the sky because this is what life has to offer. One of the best stay slim strategies to life is to enjoy each day and just be happy.

Hope you have enjoyed my stay slim strategies! Believe me, as a mom of three, feeling healthy and happy at my high school weight without feeling deprived, I know you can do anything. So are you ready to embody some stay slim strategies?

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Dance to keep slim

whoes the model in the picture?

So very true! I follow these rules, and make it a part of my everyday life!

These are really great positive ideas. Thank you.

Thanks for the great tips!!

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