7 Spring Activities That Burn Calories ...


The winter chill is starting to melt away, so it's time to get outside and enjoy the weather with some spring activities that burn calories! For most of us, the air is getting warmer and the sun is saying hello again. All I want to do is enjoy some of this beautiful weather, and there are some great ways to enjoy it while burning some of that winter insulation away. These spring activities that burn calories are so fun, you just might forget they are giving you a workout at all!

1. Kayaking

In the line-up of spring activities that burn calories, kayaking is pretty great. The average person will burn upwards of 160 calories in 30 minutes from light to moderate kayaking. Kayaking also gives your core and upper body a major toning workout from the cross motion paddling. Unlike other outdoor activities like surfing or mountain climbing, kayaking can be done most anywhere; all you need is a bit of water. This is also a great way to relax and take in all the beauty of spring while you work-it!

Rock Climbing
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