Kitchen Hacks 🍽 for Women Who Want to Fuel 🛢 Their Weight Loss ⚖ ...\ ...


Losing weight will probably be one of the hardest things us girls have to do. With careful eating and plenty of exercise, you can reach your goal weight. Having some kitchen hacks in your back pocket can also really help. Here are some of the best that should have you seeing that number on the scale going down steadily. Good luck!

1. Freeze Pureed Veggies

It might look like baby food, but pureed veggies have benefits for grown ups too. Steam your favorite veggies and then freeze them in an ice cube tray. Pop out a couple of them and toss into sauces and soups to up the nutrient content of all of your favorite meals. This works with squash, carrots, green beans and spinach.

Try Overnight Oats
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