How to Kickstart πŸ‘Ÿ an Exercise Regime πŸ“ˆ for Girls Who Are Overweight πŸ™ ...


Being overweight is not just about a high number on the scale but also the effect on your health and well being. Losing weight can help you to lower your risk of disease and also feel so much better. But even though you know these things, getting the motivation to start a weight loss regime and get exercising is hard. Really hard. But if you're reading this you know that - right? You want to make changes, you want to shed your extra weight. You just need a little extra push and some advice as to how to get started on working out. So here it comes. You have been unhappy long enough and now's the time to kick start your weight loss journey. Are you ready for the challenge?

1. Just Move

To get started, ease into exercise by starting with walking. Walking is an effective way to burn calories without the pounding on your joints. And since you have been overweight for some time, this is a great way to start a regime. Simply moving more will help you to lose weight and begin to feel better.

Ignore That Elevator and Take the Long Way
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