How to Activate Your Brown Fat Cells to Speed up Weight Loss ...


I didn’t know until recently there were two kinds of fat cells in our bodies that actually work quite differently. I just thought fat was fat, but no. There are white fat cells and brown fat cells. The vast majority of our body fat is white, which is essentially our storage of excess calories. Brown fat, however, burns calories. And so much so that activated brown fat produces 300x more heat than any other body tissue. When you know that this means that 2oz of brown fat can burn the equivalent of 30 minutes of exercise, it really makes you sit up and take notice. As most adults have brown fat, why not make yours work for you? Here’s how you can engage brown fat in your weight loss efforts.

1. Cold Temperatures Bring Brown Fat to Life

Swedish researchers scanned five study subjects after the poor things had endured two hours at temperatures ranging from 63Β°F to 66Β°F. While the scan was being performed, the study subjects cooled down their body temperature even more by frequently dipping one foot into ice water for a period of 5 minutes at a time, after which they'd leave their foot out of the water for five minutes. Not only did the study discover that all subjects had detectable brown fat deposits after exposure to the cold temperatures, the study also revealed that the added cold water exposure boosted the subjects' own brown fat activity 15-fold.

Keep Cool to Activate Your Brown Fat Deposits
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