7 Healthy Things to do on a Sunday to Help You Lose Weight ...


Did you know that there are healthy things to do on a Sunday to help you lose weight? If you preplan your meals, stock your home with healthy food choices set up a fitness schedule for the week, and do all this on a Sunday, you will be more likely to lose weight. So what should you do to expedite your weight loss and help you stay on track? Here are the healthy things to do on a Sunday:

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Set out a Food Schedule

So what are the healthy things to do on a Sunday? To help you stay on track throughout the week and help avoid any danger weight gain zones, set out a food schedule for the entire week. Certain meals like salads you can even prepare a day or two in advance so it will be easy to take on the go. Setting out a food schedule is one of the healthy things to do on a Sunday to help you lose weight throughout the week.


Go Healthy Food Shopping

To help stay on track and help avoid any unnecessary food temptations, stock your home with healthy food. Head to your local grocer on Sunday to go food shopping for the week. I recommend going early in the morning or later in the day, because mid-day Sunday, the grocery store is packed with shoppers. This small step can set the stage for the week, the healthy way!


Cut up Veggies

Now that you have you home freshly stocked with plenty of fresh produce, cut up some veggies so when you are craving a snack, you will be ready to go. With small steps on Sunday, you can add convenience to make healthy eating easier throughout the week.


Set up a Fitness Schedule

Now that you have all healthy meals set for the week, or at last a schedule prepared, what about your workouts? Set up a fitness plan for the week and make your exercise sessions non-negotiable times, just like if you were to schedule a doctor’s appointment. This is the best way to help you lose weight throughout the week.


Write Motivation Tips to Display

On Sunday, you should write several motivational notes to display in visible areas for yourself to help you stay motivated to lose weight and get in shape. Hang these motivational notes on the mirror, kitchen pantry and wherever you dress in this morning. This will help you lose weight throughout the week.


Make Fitness Plans

Looking forward to hanging out with your friends this week? Why not make fitness plans and go bowling, indoor rock climbing or for a simple run? This is a great way to switch things up and make fitness a part of your lifestyle.


Get Plenty of Sleep

Now head to bed early because you have a big week ahead of you and sleeping will help you to lose weight. Lack of sleep causes your body to secrete cortisol, which can actually make you gain weight, so head to bed early. And remember with hard work, dedication and a little planning on Sunday, you can have a great weight loss week!

Now that you have tips in how you can use Sunday to help you fuel a great week, are you ready to strategize to get to your goal size? Happy health and a great week to you!

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