7 Goals That Will Help You Lose Weight ...


There are many goals that will help you lose weight as a result of achieving your goal. How great would it be to lose weight and transform your body without the stress? This can all be possible if you focus on a new goal. Studies show that people that lose weight and keep it off are focused more on achieving fitness goals rather than just focusing on the number on the scale. Here are 7 goals that will help you lose weight and have fun.

1. Sign up for a Bike Race

If you begin training for a bike race, you will get so busy focusing on your training that the pounds will seem to just melt off. By registering for a bike race you are committing to not just a race but prior to training, which will add up to calories burned and inches lost! Registering for a bike race is one of the best goals that will help you lose weight!

Register for a Running Race
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