Girl's Guide 📚 to Getting Bikini 👙 Body Ready 👍🏼 with These Diet 🍽 Tweaks ...

We're hot into the middle of swimsuit season and one of the best ways to be ready is to incorporate some diet tweaks for a bikini body into your routine. The things you eat have a direct impact on how you look, including your weight and the health of your skin. Since you're baring all in your two piece, you want to look your best, right? There are some simple diet tweaks you can make to get you the bikini body you want in no time at all. Of course, you should always discuss any dietary changes with your doctor before getting started. Here's to the best summer yet, thanks to some great advice shared with us from the experts at Cosmopolitan magazine.

1. DAY ONE: RAW before FOUR

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Snacking on raw food like carrot sticks instead of biscuits in the afternoon IS healthy, but eating raw food after 4pm can be hard on your tummy, as the cellulose in uncooked vegetables can be difficult to digest. "Raw foods are chock-full of energy and a brilliant pick-up during the day, but can be challenging to a worn-out metabolism later in the afternoon, when they will play havoc with your digestive system," says Dr Stossier, co-author of The Viva Mayr Diet (Harper Collins, £12.99). And if your digestive system isn't working to maximum capacity, an increased amount of fat will form around your stomach to protect it. Nosh on cooked veggies, yogurt or raw nuts and seeds after lunch instead.

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