9 Eating Tips to Lose Weight ...


Why is it that most eating tips to lose weight seem so tricky and difficult and horrible-sounding? They don’t have to be… in fact, eating tips for weight loss can be easy… and even, on occasion, fun! If you’re not sold on this idea, keep reading, my dear. Here are 9 healthy tips to lose weight and feel great.

1. Make Simple Swaps

Most of the time, eating tips to lose weight sound complicated or bothersome, but in reality, making a few simple swaps can make a world of difference. For example, if you want the taste and health benefits of dairy (like cheese or yoghurt) without the added calories from fat, switch to low-fat or skim dairy rather than whole fat. You could also ditch the soda for all-natural, no sugar added mixed fruit juices, and change from bland, flimsy white bread to wholesome, fiber-rich whole grain bread. Even just making these three simple swaps can spell the difference between an unhealthy diet and one that’s definitely on the right track.

Learn Serving Sizes
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