7 Compelling Reasons to Get Back into Shape ...


Honestly, I think there are a gazillion reasons to get back into shape. But, for the purpose of this article, I will present you with my top 7 compelling reasons to get back into shape. Although, it is easy to think and visualize what it would be like when you are in great shape, you will never know the true joy you will feel unless you do achieve that goal.

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Health Reasons

This has simply got to be the number one of all compelling reasons to get back into shape. Obesity brings along a number of health problems and can even lead to premature death. You will end up spending half your life and all your money just fighting different diseases and ailments if you don’t get back into shape.


Self Respect, Self Confidence and Self Esteem

For someone who has to constantly fight to keep the fat off, it is never easy to get back into shape and stay in shape. But, when you do achieve that goal, there is no doubt that it will give a huge boost to your self respect, confidence and esteem.


Life Opportunities

Many life opportunities are closed to people with weight issues. For instance, there are some occupations you cannot be a part of, there are sports you cannot participate in, there are activities you cannot indulge in and if you suffer from health conditions, there are food items that you cannot eat. You end up having to give up a lot of life opportunities if you don’t get back into shape.


Embarrassing Situations

It is never easy to have to ask for a seat belt extender or get stuck in an airplane lavatory just because of the excess bulk you carry around. In some cases, you may even have to shell out money for an extra airplane seat if you are too heavy. So, this can go well beyond embarrassment at times.


Responding to Unexpected Disasters

As you can see all around you, there are a number of unexpected disasters taking place all around. Whether it is a hurricane or a bushfire, your ability to protect yourself will get severely hampered by the excess fat you carry around yourself.


Pleasure of Shopping for Good Things

You can’t deny that choices are fairly limited when it comes to really large sizes. And, that provides us with one more of the compelling reasons to get back into shape. When you get back into shape, you will have a much wider choice in everything you buy.


Overall Quality of Life

Your overall quality of life will get impacted when you get back into shape. You will be able to do more things, you will have more energy, you will attract a different set of people and above all, you will feel assured of your presence in the world.

So, here are my 7 compelling reasons to get back into shape. I hope they inspire you to start a weight loss program and help you with your weight struggles. I assure you that you will come to enjoy life better.

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