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Quick Exercises are marvelous because they’re, well, quick! You get all of the benefits of exercise without all the time-consuming hassle, so you’re more inclined to do them, and do them often, right? Right! If you’re looking for some quick exercises to help you get or stay fit, keep reading! Here are my picks for 7 quick exercises to get you in shape, and help you have fun and save time along the way!

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Sure, you might have to start off jogging — or maybe fast walking — but running is an excellent quick exercise that will show results in the first two weeks. Every day, you’ll notice you’re able to run farther, the burning stitch in your lungs and side becoming a distant memory as your trainers become more and more comfortable and broken in.



Swimming is an ideal exercise for anyone with joint problems, since it’s low-impact and so good for you at the same time! It’s also a quick exercise, one that requires very little time in the pool to do your body good.



At first, the elliptical machine at the gym was torture, but now I love it. It’s a great quick exercise, one you can do in half an hour while watching TV, reading on your Kindle… anything to take your mind off the burning in your legs!



With or without weights, a round of heart-thumping calisthenics can take as little as half an hour and give your entire body a good muscle-toning workout, from head to toe! Be prepared to sweat, and do your three sets of push ups, lunges, and more.



There’s this commercial on TV that I loathe, where one character is telling another about a «trampoline diet.» I hate it because the trampoline really is a quick exercise to lose weight, among other things! It’s fun, and you can actually do it with your kids, which is great for busy moms. And talk about cardio!



It may look calming and relaxing, but yoga can also be extreme, a great source of cardio and a quick exercise to lose weight and gain flexibility. Sign up for a class, try a DVD, just give it a go! You’ll be so glad you did!



Whether you try a stationary bike indoors or opt for a real bike outside, biking is another quick exercise for weight loss, an excellent cardio exercise and also a non-weight bearing exercise. Add it to your weekly routine half an hour at a time, and reap the benefits of biking!

All of these exercises are so much fun, and so fast, you’ll get them done in half an hour and be able to get back to the rest of your life… wonderful! Which of these quick exercises do you think you’ll try first? Which do you already like best? Or is there another quick exercise that has you hooked? Do tell!

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How do you loose fat in your legs without gaining muscle? I searched it on the internet, but i don't really trust it and i trust 'all women stalk' way more, so please help me!! =S =(

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