An All-round πŸ”„ Approach to Help You πŸ™ Lose Belly Fat βš–οΈ ...


If you are doing 100 sit-ups a day and following drastic diets because you want to lose belly fat, you may need to rethink your approach. If you really want to reduce belly fat, you need to follow a healthy diet and exercise regime that will provide lasting, long-term results.

If you thought that sit-ups and crunches were the best exercises to lose belly fat, you can think again. While exercises like crunches and sit-ups will strengthen your stomach muscles, you are wasting your time if you think that abdominal exercises alone will work to burn off your belly fat. You can’t reduce fat from one just one area of your body. When you do lose weight all over, the belly fat covering your stomach will go too, and those sit-ups and crunches will pay off when you can see your strong abdominal muscles. But that won’t happen unless you follow all of these tips, as well.

1. Follow a Good, Healthy, Balanced Diet

Eating healthily is a key to losing stubborn belly fat. Cut out processed food, sugary food and food high in saturated fat and eat whole, unprocessed foods like lean meat, eggs, low fat dairy, vegetables, natural oils and nuts and whole grains. Try eating less carbs, as the body easily stores extra carbohydrates that aren’t used up as fat. When you do eat carbs, eat them after you exercise to ensure the energy will be used up and not stored. It’s okay to eat a little bit of junk, but make it no more than four meals a week. Limit the amount of alcohol you drink and when you do drink alcohol, pick red wine. You won’t lose belly fat if you drink beer and sweet liqueurs. Drink more water and herbal tea.

Do Strength Training
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