7 Weight Loss Mistakes You May Be Making and How to Combat This ...


It is easy to make weight loss mistakes like skipping meals, not exercising or even over indulging when you dine out.2

Often people make these mistakes in an attempt to lose weight but the results are the opposite.

These weight loss mistakes can cause the scale to slow down or bring weight loss to a halt.

So how do you combat these mistakes, lose weight and achieve your goal weight?

Well first off, you have to stop making weight loss mistakes like these:

1. Skipping Meals

You skip breakfast because you wake up and you are not hungry, then you overindulge at lunchtime.

By the time dinner rolls around you still feel full from lunch, so you skip supper and overindulge in late night eating.

Does this sound healthy?

Skipping meals is a vicious cycle that slows down your metabolism.

It is one of the major weight loss mistakes that people make, so avoid this and eat small meals every 2-3 hours.

2. Eating While Watching Tv

Mindless eating while you are watching the TV or on the computer can have you consuming calories that you may have amnesia over later.

Have you ever single-handedly eaten a whole bowl of popcorn while you watched a movie?

Or have you ever eaten a bag of chips while watching a show and been shocked that you ate so much?2

Mindless eating is a weight mistakes many dieter commits, so avoid this so you can expedite your goals!

3. Not Doing Enough Cardio

Since there is so much hype on lifting heavier weights to lose weight, many women are turning to this in an effort to slim down, but remember cardio is key.

If you just lift weights alone you are not going to lose enough weight, as this needs to be combined with cardio.

So aim for 45 minutes to an hour of cardio for 3-5 days a week to burn fat and achieve your weight loss goals!

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