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You log in many miles running each week so you are wondering the reasons why you’re not losing weight. Aren’t all runners thin because of the miles they run? Or does diet have to go hand in hand with exercise? These are all questions you are probably wondering if the scale is not budging regardless of all the running you are doing. As a running coach and lifelong runner, I am here to help you because I have experienced all of this firsthand and learned what works. So here are the reasons why you’re not losing weight after running countless miles:

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You Are What You Eat

You run 5 miles and feel like this warrants a hamburger and French fry celebration, but you are unaware that the calories in this small feast is over 1200 calories. Make sure you do not over-consume to compensate for the calories that you are burning. One of the reasons why you’re not losing weight running is if you are eating too much food to make up for the calories you just burned. So have a Greek yogurt or a green shake and watch the number begin to drop down on the scale!


You Are Not Consistent

If you run the occasional run once a week and look down at the number on the scale at your weekly weigh in disappointed, you may want to try to amp it up. Start running 2-4 days a week to bring your calorie expenditure to the next level. The scale will thank you with a lower number as you work hard to achieve your weight loss goals!


You Are Not Pushing Hard Enough

If you are just barely breaking a sweat on your runs, if at all, you may want to bump up the intensity. After running and becoming comfortable at a running pace, your heart rate will no longer raise as quickly or as high, so you need to pick up the pace so you can get the same level of a workout. Just remember you get out what you give into your workouts.


You Run Long but Not Fast

If you increase your miles, but do not increase your running speed, your body actually adapts and you will burn less calories than if you ran fewer miles at a faster pace. So get out of the comfort zone and push yourself so that you have labored breathing. Your runs should be work. After all, isn’t that what a workout is?


Excess Water

If you just started running, your body may store more water to replenish the micro tears caused by running. So get rest, drink more water and within a few days, the scale will be down as reflective of the damaged muscle fibers being repaired.


Understand the Calories You Are Expending

The average amount of calories you burn is just 100 calories a mile, so if you have a goal of 1-3 pounds a week, you should be running 5 miles a day and making healthier food choices. Running is one of the highest calorie burning exercises so if you eat right, you will lose.


Know Your Fuel

Many runners fuel with high calorie electrolyte drinks or gels, unaware of the hidden calories. Know the fuel you are drinking or eating and make sure you do not overdo it. In less than an hour run, water is fine to fuel in a run, unless the weather is ultra-hot and you are losing a lot of fluids. Know your body and listen it and how you feel after a run.

Now that you know the reasons you are not losing weight after running, are you ready to follow my tips? Wishing you happy running with great weight loss along with amazing results!

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