Never Ever Say These Things to Someone Who is Dieting ...


Never Ever Say These Things to Someone Who is Dieting ...
Never Ever Say These Things to Someone Who is Dieting ...

Some of the worst things to say to someone who’s dieting are obvious while others - not so much. In today’s age and time, dieting has become one of the most controversial issues that none of us can seem to escape. We all know there are just some things you really don’t want to hear when you’re on a diet, so how about we give the same courtesy to others. Even if you don’t agree with someone’s diet, be sure you avoid some of the worst things to say to someone who is dieting and remember "to each her own”.

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You’re Too Skinny

film, darkness, MLLE, SUPERFILLECIELITUMELE, Telling someone they’re too skinny is one of the worst things to say to someone who's dieting. It's a very negative way of saying you've noticed they have lost weight. Instead, perhaps you could say, “You’ve lost a lot of weight. How are you feeling?”


I Bet You Just Eat Salads, Right?

hair, NORT, It's unfair to assume everyone who diets just eats rabbit food for all their meals. How about saying, “I’d love to know what you eat. I’m always looking for more filling meals other than salads.”


You Don’t Look Healthy

Style, hair, person, hairstyle, hate, When someone loses weight on a diet, their appearance can change dramatically, however that doesn't meant you have to show you have noticed in a negative way. If you’re concerned about them then try saying, “No matter what you weigh, I just want you to be healthy and happy.”


What Kind of Pill do You Take?

Fox Life, person, model, singer, GAYSHAR, It's easy to automatically assume someone who loses weight takes diet pills, but that's simply not true. How about just asking,“Oh wow, what’s your new meal and supplement plan like?”


Diets Are a Waste of Time

person, hair, hairstyle, bangs, blond, Even if you think this statement is true, dieting isn’t a waste of time for people that need to lose weight on a medical level. Dieting is also hard and the last thing you want to do is add discouragement to someone’s life by telling them it’s a waste of time. It’s best to keep your opinions to yourself and just say, “Well I really hope it works out for you. Good luck!”


You’ll Just Gain the Weight Back

emotion, book, film, What, your, There’s a misconception that all diets eventually fail and that’s actually not true. Some people go on a healthy diet that they can withstand for life. For instance, medically proven diets like a plant-based diet or a heart-healthy diet, are sustainable enough for someone to do their entire life. Instead of making assumptions, how about just saying, “I’d love to learn the lifetime benefits and research studies on that diet. It sounds interesting.”


I Can’t Tell You’ve Lost Weight

hair, person, art, red hair, BRANDENONFAT, Even if you really can’t tell that someone is dieting, this statement isn't a good idea. During the early stages of dieting, someone might not lose weight because their body is adjusting to the change. So instead of bursting their bubble, how about saying, “I can’t wait to see how successful you are. Keep it up!”

If you know someone close to you who’s not eating or is dieting on a dangerous level, then you may want to express your concerns in a gentle way and help them find some nutritional help. However, if you’re not in a close relationship with someone, it’s sometimes best just not to say anything and keep the peace. What do you usually say to someone you know who’s going on a diet?

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Sorry it crashed adding my comment! I've lost over 3stone the last 4 months, and the worst two things, said to me, on the same day at a family BBQ.... Oh your a spitting image of that great big fat welsh bird that comes here!! And look at 'all' this lovely food, and you can't eat any of it. I was soooo upset! And very annoyed!! I'd have walked out, but didn't want to be beaten by ignorant family.

@Ayra thank you for the hugs! 😘

One of my friends know I'm on a diet, and she says: you just eat salads and drink water, huh? And I came back with a pretty good comeback i said: you're just jealous I can eating a salad without going home and eating the home fridge. She is fat. She got mad.

I've lost over 3st the last 4 months, and the worst two things that someone said to me at

Then dont diet eat healthily then anyone who tells you stupid things doesn't bug you because you are not dieting just eating healthily, maybe tell them that that you are eating healthily remember some people get jealous when they notice that you are losing weight and kets face diet is like die so change the language and call it rating healthily just saying! w

This is all so true I work with a very insecure woman who's always asking me are you going to full ? what's a veggie burger taste like ? I'm so glad I don't have to watch what I eat. Well I finally told her mind your business and as a matter of fact thin people do have to watch what they eat cholesterol sky rockets though you may not see the lbs pack on

@wendysian *hug* I bet you look and feel amazing ;)

So true. These are definitely the rudest things to say to a person who's dieting. My friend would always tell me "you're so skinny" or you're so "insane" to diet. I lost about 10 kg, and everyone would eventually come up and say "you look so thin" or "you look so weak" it would piss me off and hurt my feelings.

So mean. Should me more supportive. What's if women putting other women down. It's stupid.

I lost over 60# 6 months ago-I'm now under 110# and I'm a size 3. Yet, I will occasionally have someone ask. " how much more do you want to lose?" I found the question so ludicrous, my reply was "50#". The reply was "well, keep up the good work!" 50# more would put me at 60#.

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