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Do you know the weight loss beliefs that make it tough to lose those excess pounds? An all or nothing philosophy can have you feeling like a weight loss plan is a death sentence. Or you may awake feeling deprived, cranky and missing your occasional indulgence. And even if the number is going down on the scale, if you are feeling deprived, can you really stick to this plan? These are all struggles that, as a personal trainer, I have helped countless clients work through. Here are the weight loss beliefs that can make it tough to lose weight:

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All or Nothing

As you write out your weekly nutrition plan and workout schedule, part of you may feel like you are training for the Navy Seals, but you are motivated to achieve weight loss results. But is changing your lifestyle completely something, you should be doing in stages? An all or nothing philosophy is one of the weight loss beliefs most dieters live by, but living a life in moderation is even better. This strategy will get you to your goal gradually and help you stay at your goal.


I Have to Give This up

Giving up your daily chocolate indulgence and feeling cranky about it? You are not alone, as most dieters cut out all sweets but often find themselves only craving them more. So allow yourself the occasional dark chocolate square, and instead of looking at all you have to give up, start looking at all the great fruits and veggies you are adding to your daily eating!


All I Can Eat is Salad

Weight loss minded folks often turn to a daily salad as the safe answer to their diet needs but could you be depriving yourself? Spice up your salad with different fruits and veggies and if you are not feeling like you want to eat a salad today, have a healthy tuna sandwich. Diet deprivation will lead to weight loss sabotage, so never deprive yourself.


I Cannot Dine out

As your friends all make their weekend plans, you find an excuse to not join because you feel you cannot dine out while trying to lose weight. Think again! With all the revamped menus, there are now plenty of light fare options, so choose healthily and have fun with your friends!


I Cannot Indulge

Your weekly Sunday indulgence is now being removed from your weekly routine and you are feeling bummed. Do not remove all indulgences from your life. It is okay to have a weekly splurge, just do not make it a full day of splurges. I allow myself one cheat meal a week, but I allow this meal to be whatever I want. So indulge a little to keep you on track!


It Must Be Intense

One big weight loss belief is that exercise has to be ultra-intense. Make your choice of fitness a workout that works for you. If you find yourself sweaty and out of breath in your daily speed walk, then keep with this. A workout should be chosen based on your current fitness level along with your goals. Just make sure it is work!


The Scale is the Only Gauge

As you step on the scale and watch the rising number, do not be discouraged, this number is a starting point to your weight loss journey. Now begin weekly weigh-ins with a new achievable goal each week to keep you accountable and on the right track to weight loss success. But remember the scale is not the only gauge, you should also take measurements and have your body composition taken since muscle weighs more than fat.

Now it is time to forget all the weight loss beliefs that make it tough to lose weight and start losing! You deserve to lose weight and be in your best shape! Did this make you stop believing in any weight loss myths?

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I went from 310 to 135. If anything, I've learned moderation in all things.

went from 180 to 128 recently! agree with everything on here

@Tieia CONGRATS!!!!!! I'm going from 182 to 161 in 3 months my goal is 125 you are inspiring to me (:

Really good post! Just thought I'd mention to you what a personal trainer once told me: one lb. of fat weighs the same as one lb. of muscle, however, muscle is denser so it takes up less space (i.e. Inches on your body).

Thank you! 😊

I really like #6 I tend to beat my self if I'm not wearing a bucket of sweat after my workout

That's awesome kassmcc & tiela!!

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