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7 Reasons Dr. Oz's Weight Loss Tips May Not Be Valid ...

By Tara

With the recent scandal of falsehoods, there are many reasons Dr. Oz’s weight loss tips may not be valid. So where did America’s favorite doctor go wrong in leading people to believe? Well first and foremost, there is no easy way to lose weight, magic pills, herbs and supplements that can change your life and your waistline. Since celebrities have been endorsing weight loss products for decades, you may wonder, why is Dr. Oz being attacked? Well, he is a doctor and people trust his advice for this reason. So let me break down the reasons Dr. Oz’s weight loss tips may not be valid:

1 Miracle Cures

Whether it is raspberry ketones or green coffee extract, Dr. Oz’s weight loss tips have steered audiences across the world to believe in magic cures that do not exist. People have taken these products expecting results and leading to disappointment. I hope you were not one of the assuming believers and if you were, you are probably feeling betrayed, and I do not blame you. Get out and earn your weight loss the only way, diet and exercise!

2 So Many

Dr. Oz speaks of so many miracle cures that do not really exist that it is no surprise that consumers are angry. Looking at a medicine cabinet full or products that are “Dr. Oz approved” only to realize that this all a sham is upsetting, to say the least. Instead, believe in the most powerful answer - hard work and discipline!

3 A Cheerleader

Dr. Oz calls himself a cheerleader because he creates enthusiasm surrounding weight loss products that are supposedly natural cures. But truth be told, it comes down to diet, exercise and of course your genes. Some people harbor fat in specific areas no matter how hard they work. Put down the pom poms and get working to achieve results!

4 Gives Audiences Hope

The falsehoods that have been told have helped companies to sky rocket sales of weight loss products that do not work. Dr. Oz states he is simply giving hope to those that are watching. Why would you want hope in products that do not even work? In the time you spend driving to the store and buying a useless product, you can go for a 3 mile run and make a green shake. And the second choice will bring you the results you want and deserve!

5 No Magic Pill

Dr. Oz admits that there is no magic pill or quick fix, so why in the world would he encourage his viewers to see herbs and natural medicine as the answer to burning fat. Create your own magic pill by getting out for a great workout and you will be glad that you did!

6 Possible Endorsements

Although Dr. Oz does not admit to this, he could be getting endorsements for the products he mentions on his show, why else would he be so persistent. Remember if something seems too good to be true, like a miracle weight loss product, it probably is.

7 Too Many Untruths

Now that Dr. Oz is being attacked by the media, it is tough not to feel betrayed, especially if you have been following his advice. Be aware that too much untruth has been told and just never take things as being true without questions being answered, especially when it comes to your health. Did you take any of Dr. Oz's advice that you are disappointed in? Just remember there are also many truths he has told and he still is a great guy, but he just got wrapped up in fame and fortune as the world’s health leader!

With this you should learn a lesson to never take advice without proper research and knowledge. So tell me - have you ever taken fitness and health advice that you later found was wrong?

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