7 False Promises of Diet Pills and Solutions ...

The weight loss product industry is a multi-billion dollar world with many false promises of diet pills and a large following of believers. A significant amount of money goes into marketing these products to help make non-believers into believers. But there is no magic pill to lose weight, you must practice healthy eating and exercise. As a certified trainer and fitness fanatic, it plagues me to see this because I believe everyone deserves the truth, so let me share with you the false promises of diet pills and the solutions:

1. You Will Lose Weight Quickly

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Nothing good in life comes easy, it always takes hard work. This is especially the case when it comes to weight loss, so do not believe the promises of diet pills. If you see a promise of quick weight loss, run the other way and keep running so you can lose weight the healthy and most effective way.

2. You Will Have More Energy

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If a diet pill promised to boost you energy, realize that the best way to boost your energy is to eat healthier and exercise. Try exercising in the morning and you will be amazed at the surge of energy you feel! This will help fuel your entire day.

3. You Can Eat What You Want

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How great would it be if you could eat a hamburger, pop a diet pill and then be down 10 pounds by the weekend? It would be great but it's not realistic. To lose weight, you have to make modifications in your eating, choosing more greens and focusing on the nutrient density in the food that you are eating.

4. You Will Elevate Your Metabolism

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There is no magic pill that will elevate your metabolism, so do not fall for these false promises. Elevate your metabolism by lifting weights and working out. This is the best way to achieve natural results that work.

5. You Will Lose Belly Fat

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There is no spot removal when it comes to weight loss, so promises of a pill helping you to lose belly fat are far from reality. You can lose belly fat when you reduce body weight. However, genetics do play a large role in this so if your parents have a tendency to harbor belly fat, there is a good chance you will as well. Do not be discouraged because through a healthy, low fat diet and a solid exercise plan, you can still achieve lean abs.

6. You do Not Have to Exercise

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If you are considering taking a diet pill because of the results that it claims to provide without having to exercise, wake up and smell the roses, or at least reality. There is no pill that can give you the weight loss, mental and health benefits that exercise can provide. So find fitness that you enjoy and get working out, you will be glad you started!

7. There Are No Adverse Effects

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Diet pills can cause blurred vision, hair loss, memory loss and so many other adverse effects. There is such a low level of guidelines created around the weight loss industry that is hard to know what study is true or false. And one scary fact is that often the diet pill companies do the study themselves, so the results are skewed. So rethink your next purchase and get working out!

Now that you are aware of the many false promises, are you ready to get serious and focus on your fitness? Try it for just 30 days and you will be hooked on the betterment of your fitness and health. Why? Because you are worth it!

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