7 Ways to Lose Weight with Step Aerobics ...


If you are looking for a new exercise program that will burn more calories and blast your belly fat, step aerobics is the perfect choice! The simple exercises of step aerobics combine cardio with strength, endurance, and nearly any other type of workout, depending on what your goal is. This is a great starter for the inexperienced, yet it can challenge the most fit with new variations. Here are 7 ways to lose weight with step aerobics.

1. Start with the Basic Step

Place one foot up on the platform, followed by the other. Step down one at a time. This can be done at any speed and combined with arm movements. Try stepping up on one side and down on the other, or stepping up from the back, down to the front, and then reversing. Add a turn for a little challenge. Make sure you are playing some good music to get your rhythm moving!

Do the V-Step
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