7 Ways to Cope with Excess Skin after Weight Loss ...


Experiencing a successful weight loss journey can be exciting and can help you build confidence.

As your weight comes off through your hard work, you find yourself shopping for smaller clothing and seeking out new hairstyles.

With all of the good that comes in a weight loss journey, there is also the hanging reminder left of your former self;

excess skin.

We have all watched the reality shows where the contestants lose tons of weight only to stuff skin in their pants, making them still appear large.2

Skin is very elastic, but as you age the elasticity decreases and the older you are, the less likely your skin is to contract back to that flat tummy you desire.

Here are 7 ways to cope with excess skin after weight loss.

1. Surgical Removal

If you lost tons of weight and have been successful in keeping it off, this may be the option for you.

Consult your physician and have him decide if removal will be your best bet.

This method can be very expensive and comes with a host of possible dangers and side effects.

2. Wait

Sometimes your skin will pull back in on it’s own.

The natural process that skin takes to pull back in tightly takes time.2

Don’t fall for creams that promise to do the job;

they are a waste of your time and money.

3. Drink Water

Your body needs water and your skin does too.

Keep your skin moisturized by drinking water and your skin will be in a more healthy position to tighten back up on it’s own.

Water is also going to help your body to get rid of toxins, which will help your skin to look and feel better.2

4. Exercise

I bet you’re tired of hearing about the benefits of exercise!

In this case, you need to be doing exercises that will work those areas where the skin is sagging to help tighten it up.

Consider pull-ups, sit-ups, and running.

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