7 Extracurricular Activities That Help Fight the Fat ...


In school, there are lots of fun extracurricular activities that help fight fat. They make it easy to have fun while getting or staying healthy. In middle school, high school, and even college, it's hard to find time for any fat fighting activities. Gym isn't quite as important as it used to be, so sometimes you have to look elsewhere for extracurriculars that will keep you active and entertained. They look great on college applications, they let you make new friends and spend time with current ones, and they keep you active. Check out my list of weight loss activities readily available to anyone in school and see if something piques your interest!

1. Marching Band

I'm sort of like a broken record when it comes to marching band. I've probably mentioned this on every list of beneficial school activities I've ever written, but it's true! Marching band is one of the most rewarding activities that help fight fat because you learn so many things. Band teaches you about punctuality, diligence, teamwork, and hard work, plus it works you out! If you've ever wanted to learn an instrument or if you already do, think about taking it to the field.

Run Track
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