7 Easy Ways to Tone Upper Arms ...


If you’re looking for easy ways to tone upper arms, I’ve found seven simple ways you can get your arms fit and toned!

With summer coming up and spring just around the corner, we can start getting our arms ready for those sun dresses, tanks and swimsuits!

Don’t be fooled, although these are simple ways to tone upper arms, you’ll still get impressive results as if you followed some complicated workout!

1. Arm Circles

One of the easiest ways to tone upper arms and shoulders is to do arm circles.2

The best thing about them is that you can do them just about anywhere!

I like to do them while I’m on the treadmill or while watching TV.2

All you do is stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your arms stretched out to the side at shoulder height.

Keep your shoulders down and do 20 circles forward and backward, making sure you keep the shoulders down.

2. Standing Push-ups

This next exercise is another easy way to tone upper arms and triceps.

All you need is a wall and you’re going to stand in front of the wall with your arms stretched out at shoulder level.2

Place your palms on the wall and bend at the elbows just as if you would do a regular push-up.

Do about 20 reps and work up to 50, you can do these exercises at multiple times throughout the day and just about anywhere!

3. Steering Wheel Press

Do you have a long commute in the morning?

Make good use of that time behind the wheel by doing steering wheel presses!2

All you do is place your palms on the steering wheel at 3 and 9 o’clock and press them inward to strengthen your chest.

Next, press your palms outward to work your rear deltoids.

Hold each press for 10-20 second and tone upper arms while you fight boredom and traffic!

Side Plank
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