8 Workout Motivation Techniques ...


8 Workout Motivation Techniques ...
8 Workout Motivation Techniques ...

Workout motivation is extremely challenging to maintain. Between busy schedules, taking care of our families and enjoying a few moments to ourselves, exercise is so often one of the first priorities to get set aside, yet it is vital to our mental, physical and emotional health as women. If you are looking to jump-start a new attitude towards fitness, or simply need a refresher, here are 8 workout motivation techniques to help get you on track - and stay there.

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Set a Goal

If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there? Find workout motivation in setting a clear, realistic and inspiring fitness related goal for yourself. Looking to achieve a healthier weight? Always dreamed of running a marathon? Whatever your goal, set it today and draw on it for inspiration in every workout.


Create a Schedule

It is easier to put something off that is not a part of your schedule. Joining exercise classes, meeting with a trainer, or simply working out at the same time every day can encourage a strong sense of habit toward your fitness plan and give you the motivation to head to the gym when you might have otherwise overlooked the opportunity.


Wear Fabulous Workout Gear

Whether you are an avid fitness queen, or trying the gym for the first time, what you wear to workout truly does impact how you feel about the experience and how motivated you are to continue. Stock up your closet with comfortable, functional and flattering exercise clothing - free from distracting garments and pieces that don’t do you justice you will be instead able to focus on giving your all to each workout.


Spread the Word

Now that you have set your goal, found some fierce workout gear and are headed on the right track, share your fitness plans with your friends and family. The people who love you and want to see you succeed can be an invaluable tool for workout motivation - cheering you on, supporting your efforts, and helping to keep you accountable.


Buy a Target Outfit

Take note fashionistas: purchasing a top, dress or jeans one size smaller can act as an inspiring push to keep you working out. Hang the goal piece somewhere you can see it daily, and remind yourself how fabulous you will feel when you achieve your target. Word to the wise though - this strategy is meant as positive motivation, so do not sabotage your results by purchasing garments several sizes too small and expecting miracles.


Do What You like

It is nearly impossible for most of us to stay motivated for something we do not truly care for. While spin class might seem like a brilliant idea in theory, if you can’t stand it, chances are you’ll struggle to find reasons to stay motivated, give it your best, or even continue going. Play with the odds and stick to activities you really enjoy. Does this mean every workout will be fun? Unlikely. But you will experience greater success overall and probably find yourself more motivated to return after the tougher workouts.


Track Your Progress

It is so important to track and monitor the progress of your fitness goals. Whether related to weight, strength, endurance or general well-being, record the ups and downs of your journey and it will be much easier not only to identify the things that are working, or not working, for you, but it will also serve as great motivation to clearly see how far you’ve come and how much you continue to accomplish.


Reward Yourself

Another fantastic source of workout motivation, reward systems are designed to celebrate your progress by offering you a fun and healthy treat when you reach a milestone. Personalize your plan and focus on pushing through those fitness barriers to achieve your reward on the other side. Whether it be a new book, a manicure, or that silk scarf you’ve been eyeing, you earned it!

No matter where you are at in terms of your fitness and health goals it never hurts to re-focus in on your workout motivation techniques. These strategies will help you through the difficult times and inspire you to give your all in the positive moments of physical activity. You deserve to look and feel your best and with a little effort and a little inspiration, you can get that much closer to your goals. How do you stay motivated for your workouts?

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my goal is to build muscle, but thats not really my goal. my real goal is to be a happier, fitter,and healthier me. and to get my ass off the computer, since i use the computer for more than 4 hours everyday

I gained some weight last year so I'm trying to lose 10 pounds. (I gained 20 but I was pretty thin to start out with, so I liked how I looked better after gaining 10.) In the past when I would work out - and for years I exercised all the time - I did things that I didn't really enjoy, so I burned out on it and just couldn't motivate myself to keep going after awhile. About a month ago I discovered pilates, which I LOVE! And last week I started back on the elliptical runner. (I used to go crazy on that thing for an hour 6 days a week - now I'm doing 20 minutes, which is easier to fit into my day.) You're right, you have to find something that you like to do in order to stay motivated. Another thing that has motivated me is that it makes me more confident naked to have a flat tummy, and sex is definitely better when you're in shape! :)

I use to be skinny, 110 skinny but i got married and gained that marriage weight! Everyone cant believe how chunky i have gotten. So i am setting a goal to get down to my high school weight agian! Im almost 130 and would love to get that flat toned stomach so i can wear my bikini with out a cover and get toned legs. Not setting a time limit cause i get stressed when i have to do something by a set time and i know stress is one of the factors that can cause weight gain.

my goal is to loose 130 lbs i dont want to set a time goal on this weight goal because i know these things dont go on a schedule and i dont want to be disappointed if it doesnt happen.

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