Ways to Reduce Chubby Cheeks ...

Do you dislike your chubby cheeks? When you call them apple cheeks they sound so cute. Chubby cheeks doesn’t have quite the same reaction – unless you’re a child (and adults everywhere just want to pinch them). Chubby cheeks are also a facial feature that are difficult to disguise or hide with makeup. There are however, some ways you can reduce cheek chubbiness:

1. Hot Towel Treatment

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One of the ways to reduce cheek fat is to give yourself a nice relaxing hot towel treatment. The treatment utilizes both steam and contact heat to help to make an immediate impact on your face. This can be done simply and easily by boiling some water, allowing it to cool slightly, soaking a small towel in it and applying it to your face. The heat and steam in from the towel will encourage sweating and stimulate the burning of fat.

2. Blow Balloons

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It’s been proven that blowing a balloon can be a great form of exercise for the cheek area in particular! It works the muscles in your cheeks unlike any other activity. Repeat inhaling and exhaling the air out at least 10 times, maybe twice a day, and you will definitely start to feel some differences in your cheek area. The perfect exercise for when you are preparing for a party!

3. Tongue Rotation Exercise

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You can work out your cheeks by doing exercises with your tongue too. Close your mouth and begin to rotate your tongue, remembering to touch the outer surface of the lower and upper teeth as you go. Do this 15 times and then switch direction and repeat all over again. You might feel silly doing it but it has been known to make a difference.

4. Chewing Gum

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Some people don’t enjoy it as a habit but chewing gum throughout the day will provide your mouth and cheek area with a constant workout that you don’t really have to think about. Chewing some sugar free gum for around 20 minutes per day, twice a day can actually start to have a positive impact on your cheek muscles and can alter how they look.

5. Gargling Water

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Gargling some warm water in your mouth is also another way to possibly burn fat from your cheeks. The act of gargling provides that area another form of exercise that is unusual and works out muscles that don’t normally get worked out on a day-to-day basis. The great thing about gargling is that it is simple, easy to do, not at all expensive in any way, and can be performed pretty much anywhere.

6. Facial Massage

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Not only does a good facial massage feel amazing, but it can also have an impact on your cheeks if they are particularly plump or puffy. A facial massage can improve circulation in the area, and increased blood flow can improve muscle tone, which will help to transform your cheeks from ‘fat’ to more toned. To make a facial massage more effective you should always employ natural oils in to the process: wheat germ oil and ginseng oil are good choices.

7. Watch Your Diet

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It has been proven that a diet that has too much sugar or too much starch in it can be a likely cause of puffy cheeks in a person. If you think that your food choices might be having a direct impact on the puffiness of your cheeks, then do some personal tests by cutting out certain foods and seeing if it makes a difference.

Do you have chubby cheeks? Love them or hate them? How do you make the most of them? I’m sure readers will appreciate any makeup tips you care to share.

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