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Simple Ways to Lose Weight and Feel Good Naked ...

By Tara

Okay, so we all want to feel good naked, right? You are not happy if you can barely look at your own reflection in the mirror because of the weight you have gained. Or maybe you just do not like your stomach after you have had children. Maybe you have never liked your stomach or your genetically big butt. Well, guess what? It is up to you to embrace your body. You can spend endless hours exercising but you still need to confront your insecurities and build your confidence. This is your body for life so although you can lose weight and tone, you also must learn to love your body. Here is how to lose weight and feel good naked:

1 Drink More Water

Stop sabotaging your flat tummy by drinking lots of soda because this will cause bloating and may even contribute to your sleepless nights. Stop putting these toxins in your body and start drinking more water. The results of simply swapping your soda for water are amazing and they are well worth the switch. So make sure you drink plenty of water so that you can feel good naked!

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2 Tighten Your Muscles

Look in the mirror and tighten your stomach, arms and glutes. And for those of you unsure what you glutes are, it is simply your butt. By tightening your muscles you will make a muscle connection that will help these muscles to tighten. And you will also confront yourself. This is your body so learn to love it.


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3 Eat More Greens

Make sure you eat plenty of greens to get more fiber, vitamins and nutrients. They always say mom knows best so there was a reason your mother made you eat all your greens as a child. Listen to mom’s childhood advice and make sure you have a green with every meal and even try to snack on greens in between meals. This will help you to lose weight and feel good naked!

4 Do You Eat Protein?

You do not need to go overboard and have one gram of protein per pound of weight but you should be eating protein to help rebuild the muscle fiber torn as the aftermath of your workouts. Protein will also help curb your appetite so you make better choices throughout the day. I usually have eggs, fish, chicken or even chia seeds as my sources of protein. Do you have protein in your diet?

5 Stand Tall, Be Proud

Okay, so you wish you had longer legs, a leaner waist and less curves. You can exercise and change some of your body while other elements are part of genetics. Stop dwelling on the negative and shake what your mama gave you! Okay, maybe you will not shake it, but at least be proud and stand tall. This is your body so learn to embrace all the greatness you have!

6 Stop Being Cheesy

Listen, I love cheese and could probably polish off a block of cheese on any given day, but I do not. Why don’t I give in to my desire to keep eating the block of cheese? Cheese is high in calories and fat. It is okay to eat some cheese but use portion control. This is a great way to aid your weight loss goals and feel good naked.

7 Go to Bed Feeling Light

People can gain 2-4 pounds of water weight by making the wrong choices in the last meal of the day. Most of this is simple water retention. So when you are looking for a late night snack, have some Greek yogurt or veggies. Skip the pretzels or the popcorn so you can wake up light and feel good naked!

Okay, so I swear I do not walk around my house naked, I have three kids for goodness' sake! But when I get in the shower or I am getting dressed I always feel good naked, so listen to my tips. And by the way, do you feel good naked?

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