7 Ways to Lose Weight and Feel Good Naked ...


Okay, so we all want to feel good naked, right? You are not happy if you can barely look at your own reflection in the mirror because of the weight you have gained. Or maybe you just do not like your stomach after you have had children. Maybe you have never liked your stomach or your genetically big butt. Well, guess what? It is up to you to embrace your body. You can spend endless hours exercising but you still need to confront your insecurities and build your confidence. This is your body for life so although you can lose weight and tone, you also must learn to love your body. Here is how to lose weight and feel good naked:

1. Drink More Water

Stop sabotaging your flat tummy by drinking lots of soda because this will cause bloating and may even contribute to your sleepless nights. Stop putting these toxins in your body and start drinking more water. The results of simply swapping your soda for water are amazing and they are well worth the switch. So make sure you drink plenty of water so that you can feel good naked!

Tighten Your Muscles
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