8 Ways to Lose 3 Pounds in a Week ...


There are lots of ways to lose 3 pounds a week, but not all of them are healthy. There are just too many unhealthy ways to drop pounds, and shedding them that quickly all but ensures they'll come back. That being said, there are healthy, safe ways to do it. If you need to jump start your weight loss with some quick weight loss tips, you simply have to make sure you're using healthful, legitimate techniques – like the ones I have for you hear! You also have to be realistic, and remember that as you continue, losing 1-2 pounds a week really is monumental. You also need to be aware that plateaus are a given, but they don't mean you've failed. They're entirely natural! So, bearing all that in mind, here are some key pointers if you're interested in losing 3 pounds in a week.

1. Always Choose H20

One of the best ways to lose 3 pounds a week is to make water your drink of choice. Naturally, it's a better choice than soda or energy drinks, that goes without saying. However, try to cut down on smoothies and fruit juices, as well. You don't have to cut out natural juices and things like that completely, but water doesn't have any calories, it keeps your body hydrated, and it quenches your thirst better than anything else. You'll get rid of water weight and improve your metabolism. You can't beat that! If you really don't like the taste of water, you can definitely give it a little zing. Just toss in a wedge of your favorite citrus fruit or some mint.

Watch Your Carbs
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