7 Ways Pull Ups Will Get You Beach Ready ...


Are you ready for the beach body of your dreams? There are endless reasons pull ups will get you beach ready! This is an exercise that is challenging but because of the results it is well worth the work. Most of my clients venture on their weight loss efforts with dreams of six pack abs, sculpted and lean arms, and a back that would make their significant other drool. I work with these clients by providing exercises to help them to attain their goals and now I will share this with you! Here are 7 ways pull ups can make this dream into a reality. Countdown the days to the beach by building your pull up strength and transform your body in the process!

1. Pull Ups Can Be Performed Anywhere

To perform pull ups you do not need expansive equipment. In order to perform pull ups all you need is a portable pull up bar to sit on your door frame or you can even visit your local park playground and use the monkey bars for pull ups! Move over little ones, it is my time to play at the park! *wink*

Pull Ups Are for All Fitness Levels
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