7 Ways Organizing Can Help You Reach Your Goal Weight Faster ...


There are many helpful ways to reach your goal weight, and being organized is one of the most important. Did you know that organization is right up there with eating healthy and exercising when it comes to weight loss? Eating healthy and exercise are important, but they aren’t the whole piece of the puzzle. Stress can actually contribute to weight gain just as much as unhealthy foods or a sedentary lifestyle can. Studies show that people who suffer a higher stress lifestyle excrete more cortisol, the fat-storing hormone released during stressful times. Being unorganized is one way that we allow more stress in our lives without even realizing it. The messy house we come home to, the refrigerator that has stuff randomly thrown in, the laundry sitting everywhere, and even our pantries that have things falling out of them. All of these things seem small, but they create a little bit of stress every time you see them or have to deal with them. Many people overeat, or eat addicting, stress-relieving foods like sugar and unhealthy fats as a way to deal with stress. One way to eliminate stress is your life is to start organizing your home and your life better. Consider some of these ways to reach your goal weight by just organizing a few things. I think you might be surprised just how well they work!

1. Organize Your Fridge

The most important way to reach your goal weight by adding some organization to your life is by starting with your fridge. Since it holds, or should hold, most of the foods you’ll be eating, it should become your number one focus area for getting orderly. Start with the top shelf and work your way down, removing everything off one shelf, and then moving onto the next. Set everything out on your counters and group like items together. Then, wipe down all your fridge shelves and clean them so they’re free from bacteria, food spills, and stains. Even this one step makes you less stressed when you look in your fridge. Then, place your items back in your fridge, preferably placing fresh fruits and vegetables in the front. Also, keep condiments in your fridge doors, instead of things like eggs, milk, and yogurt, since these should be stored on your shelves for maximum preservation. I use the crate at the top of the door, and store my dark chocolate, probiotics, and nuts there for easy keeping. If you don’t have healthy foods in your fridge, it’s time to go shopping! Fill up your fridge with healthy foods, and get rid of the bad stuff like sugar, most animal fats, and processed foods. Veggies, fruits, nut butters, nuts, seeds, and lean protein like plain Greek yogurt and pastured eggs, are all great foods to keep in your fridge.

Organize Your Pantry
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