7 Motivating May Workouts to Help You Lose Weight ...


As the weather is warmer and your motivation is heightened, here are some May workouts to help you lose weight. If you feel the motivation to get out for a workout, just go with it and push yourself to great results. Stop thinking about the exercises you should do and get outside to put your thoughts into action. There are so many ways to have fun in the sun while you get your workout in. Here are some motivating may workouts to help you lose weight:

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Park Run

Park Run Don’t pound your feet on a treadmill indoors when there are so many great May workouts. Get outdoors and enjoy the sun while you run around the park. A park run is a great way to get a great workout. Stay safe by avoiding cars and enjoy the beautiful change of weather. A park run is one of my favorite May workouts because it is so motivating!


Sunset Hike

Sunset Hike Get out for a hike later in the day and enjoy the May sunset. Hiking is a great workout especially if you visit a location with a higher elevation to challenge yourself and burn more calories. Bring along a camera to snap some pictures along your hike and make new memories as you get your workout in.


Beach Run

Beach Run With the warmer weather, why not head to the beach for the day. In May, beaches are less crowded so you can even get in a run along the beach without dodging a crowd of people. Running on the beach is an effective way to strengthen your total body but especially your core and calves. So start your May with some fun in the sun on your beach run!


Volleyball with Friends

Volleyball with Friends To work your total body and enjoy the warm May weather, grab a group of friends and play some volleyball. Volleyball is an effective cardio workout for your total body.


Swim Some Laps

Swim Some Laps If you have already opened the pool in May, get in to swim some laps. Swimming is a great cardiovascular workout without the pounding of some other forms of exercise since you are in water. The key is to swim continuously, without a break for as long as you can, to build endurance and raise your heart rate. This is also the way to burn the most calories. Enjoy swimming as one of your May workouts because it is effective and fun.


Bike Ride Blast

Bike Ride Blast Get outside for a bike ride to explore the neighborhood on a beautiful May day. Set a mileage goal so that you have something to work to. Invite some family or friends to join you for this workout so that you can have a blast and burn some calories.


Register for an Event

In the warmer weather, there are many walking, running, and biking events on nearly every weekend. Register for an event so you can support a charity while you get your workout in. This is also a great way to get your workout in without having to stress over the time you have to exercise. This is a great way to take your mind off your fitness and get have fun!

Now that you know of these motivating May workouts to help you lose weight, which one will you try first?

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Lovely :) those are nice suggestions. They are easy and it's so nice out !

I wanna lose about 10-20 pounds in 1 month. And I want to lose this muffin top. :( Any suggestions? I only have one month.

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whats wrong with the new update?! i can't see the whole article!!

very lovely

But how long should we do these exercises for?

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