7 Ways Happiness Can Make You Slim ...

Did you ever think there are ways happiness can make you slim? Yes it is true! Just being happy can affect your weight in a good way. Happy people make healthier choices, do not believe in self-sabotage and positive people are more likely to push themselves to work out. People that laugh more and love more live life to the fullest, making the most of each moment. And this can affect you weight! So let me share with you the ways happiness can make you slim:

1. Concentrate on Happiness

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If you concentrate on finding happiness as opposed to weight loss, the pounds will melt off. Focusing on weight loss alone can actually cause you to gain weight because you will want the foods you are refraining from even more. So don’t worry, be happy and everything will begin to seem alright. This is one of the ways happiness can make you slim.

2. Count Your Blessings

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Stop focusing on what you do not have and focus on all that you do have. If you count your blessings, you will find yourself losing weight and feeling on top of the world. Accentuate the positive and remove all negative thoughts from your mind.

3. Positive Self-image

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Stop self-loathing and start self-loving yourself by looking in the mirror at all the positive features that you have. If you are happy with your body image, you will be more likely to make healthier food choices. You will reward yourself with healthy food rather than sabotaging yourself with unhealthy food choices.

4. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

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When you begin to stress, your body starts to secrete cortisol, a hormone that can cause weight gain. Be happy and don’t stress over the small stuff. This simple step can help you slim down and feel even happier. Happiness really does make you slim!

5. Craving the Workout as Part of Happiness

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Stop feeling like going to the gym is a chore and crave your workout as part of being happy. If you connect your happiness to your workout rather than a weight loss goal, you will find that exercise just becomes part of your life!

6. A Simple Smile

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Studies show that a simple smile can put you in a happier place, feeling on top of the world. With this new found happiness, you will make better food choices and just feel good. So smile and be proud of who you are, you only have one life so live it right!

7. Mediation is Key

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Take a deep breath and relax by meditating. Mediation is great for your body and mind and you will feel de-stressed as a result. Happy people take the time to reflect on their lives and enjoy each day. So stop and smell the roses and enjoy each day.

Now that you know how and why happiness can make you slimmer, make sure you smile and find the positive in each and every day. If you look at the glass as half full, you will be more successful in relationships, your career and your weight loss. This will help you be slim and feeling great! Are you happy in your life? If yes, do you make healthy choices that reflect this? You only have one life, so live the healthy and happy life that you deserve!

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