The Reasons πŸ“– You Regain 😬 the Weight You Lost βš–οΈ ...


There is a common misconception that the β€˜losing’ part of a weight and fitness journey is the hardest part, but those of you who have actually gone through know that this isn’t the case. When you are in the middle of a diet and exercise regime, you have a clear and defined goal in mind that keeps you motived, it’s actually when you reach your targets that the truly hard begins! In my opinion, it’s much tougher to maintain a new weight than to go into overdrive and lose some. If you have been through this and ended up back at your starting point, then here are some reasons you regain that weight you lost.

1. Off Your Diet

Once you reach your goal weight, you drop the β€˜diet’ part of your lifestyle change and just go back to the way that you used to eat before. Just because you are a smaller size now, it doesn’t mean that that food routine becomes more acceptable or healthier. It will only serve to get you back to the size you were before.

Too Comfortable
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