The Most Common Diet 🍽 Killer⚰️: Snacking!😬 ...


There are various reasons why your diet might fail. One is that you have a habit of snacking. Even if you eat low fat or low calorie foods at main meal times, if you continue to munch on snacks, your chances of losing weight or keeping off weight previously lost are slim. Bad snack habits form out of boredom, hunger, skipping meals or eating the wrong foods. There’s absolutely no reason to give up snacking completely but what is important is to make snacks a part of your healthy diet. Here are some tips for how to stop bad snacking.

1. Are You Thirsty Not Hungry?

When you feel hungry it is more likely that you are actually thirsty. The next time you are hit with a snack attack try a drink instead. 6-8 glasses of water is what nutritionists recommend for health, but you can also drink unsweetened fruit juices and low calorie soft and fizzy drinks.

Don’t Have Snacks Available
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