7 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight Even after Running ...


You log in many miles running each week so you are wondering the reasons why you’re not losing weight. Aren’t all runners thin because of the miles they run? Or does diet have to go hand in hand with exercise? These are all questions you are probably wondering if the scale is not budging regardless of all the running you are doing. As a running coach and lifelong runner, I am here to help you because I have experienced all of this firsthand and learned what works. So here are the reasons why you’re not losing weight after running countless miles:

1. You Are What You Eat

You run 5 miles and feel like this warrants a hamburger and French fry celebration, but you are unaware that the calories in this small feast is over 1200 calories. Make sure you do not over-consume to compensate for the calories that you are burning. One of the reasons why you’re not losing weight running is if you are eating too much food to make up for the calories you just burned. So have a Greek yogurt or a green shake and watch the number begin to drop down on the scale!

You Are Not Consistent
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