7 Motivating May Workouts to Help You Lose Weight ...

As the weather is warmer and your motivation is heightened, here are some May workouts to help you lose weight. If you feel the motivation to get out for a workout, just go with it and push yourself to great results. Stop thinking about the exercises you should do and get outside to put your thoughts into action. There are so many ways to have fun in the sun while you get your workout in. Here are some motivating may workouts to help you lose weight:

1. Park Run

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Don’t pound your feet on a treadmill indoors when there are so many great May workouts. Get outdoors and enjoy the sun while you run around the park. A park run is a great way to get a great workout. Stay safe by avoiding cars and enjoy the beautiful change of weather. A park run is one of my favorite May workouts because it is so motivating!

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