How to Increase πŸ”‹ Your Leptin Levels πŸ“Ά and Why πŸ€”You Should πŸ‘ ...


Have you ever heard of leptin? Leptin is a hormone that is produced by your body that helps to regulate fat storage. When you lose weight and in turn, lose body fat, your leptin levels also fall, leading to low levels of the hormone all around. Obviously, losing weight and fat is a good thing, but having low leptin levels isn’t. It’s a tricky thing to navigate because on one hand you are doing a good thing by burning fat, and on the other hand you are lowering your leptin levels which isn’t ideal. When you have low leptin levels, your body is more prone to experiencing hunger pangs and cravings, which can be counter productive to any weight loss goals. Here are some ways to increase your leptin levels!

1. Sleep

Recent research has found that people who enjoy less regular sleep are plagued with lower leptin levels, so one way to help keep them higher in your body is to maintain a regular sleeping pattern that provides you with anywhere from 7 to 8 hours of sleep. An extra or two hours over the weekend never hurt anyone either!

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