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The biggest contributor to losing weight and keeping it off is if you are loving your workout. If you love your workouts you will find yourself craving exercise, and it will become a lifestyle rather than just a stage in your life. So how do you lose weight and love your workout? I have simple fitness tips to help you to do so. These tips will help you to transform your life and find yourself loving your workout, so here goes:

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Add More Movement

By simply changing the way you view activity you can lose weight and work harder. For example, when you walk up the stairs in your home, try running up the stairs instead, and burn more calories. When you leave the mall or grocery store, speed walk or run to your car to burn some extra calories. Adding more movement will help you in loving your workout and feeling great!


Do Something You Enjoy

If you find a workout you enjoy you will find yourself loving your workout and counting down the days until your next workout. Check out the nearest basketball league or whatever other sport you enjoy and sign up for some fitness fun.


Try Something New

Are you reading every month in the local paper about a Bootcamp in your town? If you are up for a new challenge and ready to expedite your weight loss goals, just do it! Do not be intimidated by embarking on this challenge because you will meet other people with similar fitness and weight loss goals. As a trainer for over a decade and as a Bootcamp instructor, I have even seen my body transform as a result of these fun and exciting workouts!


Sign up for an Obstacle Race

Thinking of running a mud run but on the fence in deciding to register? Recruit a group of your friends so that you can all tackle obstacles together and work as a team. You can train for 12 weeks and shed some weight in the process. And you will get a great resistance and cardio workout and have a lot of fun.


Coffee Run, Anyone?

How great would it be to chat away, catch up and get a great workout? If you go for a coffee run, that is just what you can do. Forget meeting for a morning coffee, meet for a morning run. You and your friend will get in better shape together, push one another and have loads of fun!


Try a New Exercise Class

Have you been thinking about signing up for a local exercise class but not had enough gumption? Stop dragging your feet and put your body in motion by getting into this class. If you try this class you may find yourself working different muscle groups and meeting new friends in the class as well. Now that sounds like fun, right?


Think outside the Box

For your weekend warrior workouts, stop listing all the traditional workouts you have to do and making it feel like a chore. Head to your local reservoir for a hike, go for a bike ride, go to the indoor rock climbing gym or whatever else you would like to try. You will get a great workout, have fun and enjoy thinking outside the box.

I hope you like my fun workout tips and they help you to lose weight and have fun in the process. So tell me, what is your favorite fun workout?

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The only workout I like to do is Richard Simmons DVD work out

What really helped me to lose weight was a program I stumbled upon loseweightfastandeasy.info This is a very easy method and will let you reach your goals simple and quick. Good luck!

Thanks for the articles! Can you maybe write an article about working out while battling with a cold/being sick?

Thanks for the tips I like running i started this year and I like it plus I want to lose some belly fat

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