8 Everyday Activities That Burn the Most Calories ...


Everyday activities that burn calories I’m going to list here will help you update your easy weight loss plan with a few more interesting activities known for their multiple benefits. Now, I’m sure you know that most of your at home weight loss can be achieved by doubling usual chores such as cleaning, pressing clothes, walking your dog but there are other, different stuff you can do as well, just to keep it interesting. And here are a few calorie burning activities you may want to consider:

1. Gardening

Want a good reason to finally clear that junk from your backyard and start growing your own fruits and veggies? Well, listen carefully – two hours of plucking weeds, digging and watering your crops outside the virtual world of Facebook can help you lose more than 600 calories! How cool is that! I bet you haven’t considered this option or, even if it did occur to you that gardening is one of those everyday activities that burns calories, I’m sure you had no idea the calorie loss is so huge.

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