7 Best Weightlifting Exercises That Make a Difference ...


Starting a new weight training routine is tricky when you don’t know the best weightlifting exercises! I’ll give you a few "compound exercises" because they incorporate the movements of more than one muscle group. Weightlifting relies on proper form to reduce injuries. The right equipment and support items are also a big help - to lean more click here. As a precaution, make sure to research a little more on each exercise and take it slowly, but don’t be afraid to pick up some weights. Here are the 7 best weightlifting exercises that really make a difference!

1. Squats

Of course they would be number one on the list of best weightlifting exercises! I’m sure you’re probably tired of hearing the benefits of squats, but they are incredibly effective for overall strength. Not only do they strengthen your behind and your legs (quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and even inner thigh!) but your abdomen and lower back, as well. Done with weights behind the neck, it works out your entire upper body. Talk about an all-in-one exercise!

Dead Lifts
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