7 Ways to Build Muscle and Lose Fat Simultaneously ...


7 Ways to Build Muscle and Lose Fat Simultaneously ...
7 Ways to Build Muscle and Lose Fat Simultaneously ...

Have you ever pondered the ways to build muscle and lose fat simultaneously? A person can be thin due to good genetics but being fit and having muscle takes hard work, discipline and dedication. So do you have what it takes? As a personal trainer and fitness lover I think so, because I believe anyone can train their mindset, gain focus and just do it! But I would love to share with you the ways to build muscle so that you can achieve an amazingly strong body so follow these tips:

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Pump Some Iron

By lifting weight you will build muscle which is more metabolically active than fat and you will look toned and lean. I recommend starting out with 5-8lb weights and building up to one higher weight resistance day. By pumping some iron you will build muscle and lose fat because every pound of muscle on your body burns 10-15 calories per pound per day, so get lifting! Lifting weights tops my ways to build muscle because it works.


Tighten Your Muscles

As you lift your weights or even when you are just getting ready in the morning, tighten your biceps, triceps, glutes and abs for just 10 seconds each. In this short duration you can fire you muscles and train your body to build muscle and lose fat. Just do not let anyone catch you clenching your cheeks, they may wonder if you are going crazy. ;-)


Challenge Your Body

So often people do not increase their weight resistance in fear of getting large muscles but need not worry genetics and hormones determine this. For women it is rare to gain large muscles especially if you are lifting light weights so increase just a few pounds so you are challenged. You should not be flailing your weights up and down without feeling like you are being worked. And you should feel sore the next day. So challenge yourself to achieve great results!


Use Your Body Weight for Compound Exercises

To build muscle and lose weight why not utilize your body weight with compound exercises to challenge you? Compound exercises utilize multiple muscle groups at once which will cause you to burn more fat. Perform compound exercises like pushups, squats and lunges to work your total body and add some music to have a blast. By using your body weight when performing these exercises, you will increase your metabolic rate and burn more calories while at rest.


Switch up Your Workout

Decrease mental boredom and challenge your body by switching up your workout. This does not mean you have to give up your running several days a week by switch up your delivery by adding intervals, sprints, hills and even a long easy day. By changing up your workout you will build muscle, lose fat and eliminate exercise boredom!


Engage in Weight Bearing Exercise

Another great way to build muscle, lose fat and lean down is to engage in weight bearing exercises like running stairs, running, walking, playing tennis, biking and the elliptical. These exercises will work more muscle fibers, burn calories and help you achieve your goal so get moving!


Add Resistance

Whether you are increasing your weights, adding hills or just pushing yourself more in your workout, make sure you add resistance. By adding resistance you will build muscle and a result you will burn more calories at rest.

Hope you have learned ways to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. What is your current fitness program and how will you change this from this new information you have learned?

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Nice:) Thanks for the info!

Thank you so much, hope you will post again as I'm slimming' I'm not heavy but needed to tone and know ways to burn whilst adding weights too! Amazing thanks! I've already lost 6 lb and I'm carrying on! X


This was very informative. Great stuff.

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