7 Reasons to Start Going to a Weight Training Class ...

By Ceri

7 Reasons to Start Going to a Weight Training Class ...

The thought of picking up weights conjures images of bulging biceps, fake tan and lycra - but hold on - there are many reasons to start going to a weight training class. We all know that cardio and a healthy diet are key for maintaining a healthy physique, but attending a weight training class can work wonders for you too! Here are some reasons to give it a try…

Table of contents:

  1. muscle vs. fat part 1
  2. muscle vs. fat part 2
  3. longevity
  4. it’s empowering
  5. don’t go it solo!
  6. you can feel it
  7. the stretch

1 Muscle Vs. Fat Part 1

The main reason for attending a weight training class is the muscle that you’ll build. Muscle is leaner, tougher and stronger than fat. As you attend these classes (such as Pump or Body Sculpt) your weight may not change, as muscle weighs more than fat, but you will become leaner and appear longer and slimmer.

2 Muscle Vs. Fat Part 2

Muscle is not only heavier than fat, it actually works much harder. Once your muscles start to strengthen, you’ll get so much more out of your cardio and your day to day routine. As muscles work harder than fat – they burn more calories when you do the same exercises as before. What all this means is, eventually, your body will burn more fat, and burn more calories…which means that cheeky chocolate biscuit or that deserved glass of wine isn’t quite as sinful! Yay!

3 Longevity

Fitness takes 6 weeks to build and only 2 to lose – isn’t that a depressing fact?! This is where sculpting your muscles trumps cardio alone. It takes much longer to lose muscle tone than fitness, which means it easier to retain if you do fall off the work-out wagon. The result lasts much longer, and when you do get back into your cardio, you will be less likely to have lost the benefits of your hard work.

4 It’s Empowering

There’s something about lifting weights that brings some primitive instinct out in us. The physical strength makes you feel strong mentally too. So, at the end of a crappy day, channel your inner cave woman, release that frustration and get sweating! The music will also get you on your way! The music is tailored to the work out and that’s empowering too.

5 Don’t Go It Solo!

You may feel that you can lift weights by yourself, and of course, you can. But the fact of the matter is the class is conducted by a specialist who knows which sequences and movements gets you the results you want. And, when you’re in a class, you’re much more likely to do much more as you won’t want to give up. You’ll do much more in less time. The group atmosphere will help you along too! Catching the eye of a classmate who feels as great/bad as you will spur you on! Fitness classes are a community more often than not.

6 You Can Feel It

After a run, a gym session or many other types of cardio, you feel your hard work for a few hours, but do you feel it the next day? Sometimes? With weight training you can feel your hard work for a couple of days if not longer! Again – if you want a cheeky treat, you have that nice (and sometimes painful!) reminder that you’ve worked hard for it, good for you!

7 The Stretch

There is NOTING (well, almost nothing…) quite as satisfying as the stretch at the end of the class. You can quite literally feel the tension leaving your body as you complete the cool-down, and it’s bliss. After all your hard work you feel completely relaxed and will be sure of a great night sleep.

Fitness classes aren’t to everyone’s taste, but a weight training class is a great way to get into it. Grab a buddy and give it a go – you won’t regret it. What fitness classes do you recommend and why?

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