Bedtime 😴 Hacks to Accelerate ⏩ Your Weight Loss βš–οΈ ...


It’s fair to say that when you are on a weight loss journey, the bulk of your thinking time and planning time is taken up with considering what you should do in the day to gain the best results. By the bedtime comes around, it seems like the only thing left to do is put head to pillow and let your sleep take away your hunger cravings, but there is actually more than you can do at this time! There are plenty of tips and tricks to execute close to bedtime that can set you up for even better weight loss that you are currently getting. Here are some great bedtime hacks to accelerate your weight loss.

1. No Eating after 7PM

Do you best not to have dinner any later than 7pm, because if you do it won’t necessarily give your body enough time to digest your food and keep your metabolism humming before you go to sleep. To avoid getting hungry later at night, go for a dinner choice that is high in protein to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Me Time
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