7 Amazing Ways to Exercise ...


Sometimes we find ourselves bored with our current workouts, and we forget that there are different ways to exercise. Fun ways, activities that’ll not only help you lose weight, but could also completely change your life. If you’re looking for something new to spice up your workout, check out this list of amazing ways to exercise.

1. Belly Dance

This is my number one recommended out of all the ways to exercise. Belly dance offers so many benefits, it’s crazy! Not only will it tone your muscles and burn plenty of calories, but it’ll also help you with your grace and fluidity even if you don’t realize it! After taking classes over the summer, you have no idea how many comments I got about something being different. A good different. Learning belly dance also helps with self-esteem and body image, as it’s good for every body type. I’m not kidding, whatever size you are, you can belly dance. Actually, the more curves you have, the better! It’s not called BELLY dance for nothing!

Pole Dancing
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