7 Sneaky Ways to Cut Calories & Lose Weight ...


They keep saying, “Cut calories! Cut calories! Cut calories!” but usually forget to add how. Well, we’ve stepped into their shoes and bring you advice on how to cut down the number of calories you consume in a day. The best part is you do it in a manner that won’t cause you too much grief and suffering. Excited to know more? Read on.

1. Don’t Go Nuts

An ounce (about a handful) of mixed nuts, oil roasted, has 175 calories. If you are in the habit of popping a few ounces every day, that’s a whopping 525 calories. Ideally, you should cut out on nuts completely, but if you must have them, switch to pistachios. Two handfuls amount to only 159 calories. Your best friend in dieting, I’d say.

Avoid Having Meals in Front of the Idiot Box
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